Hydroseed FAQ

What is HydroSeeding?
Hydroseeding is the simple procedure of applying grass seed, fertilizer, hydromulch, tackifier and water in one liquefied application. Various soil amendments and soil stabilizers may also be used in the mixture depending on the needs of the environment.

Why does my lawn look thin?
In the spring and fall the temperature often falls below 50 deg slowing the growth of your new lawn. When we hydroseed your lawn we use a fertilizer in the mix but it only lasts 3 to 4 weeks. It is very important to fertilize your lawn after 4 weeks. It is also important to mow your lawn when it reaches 3in tall. Mowing will stimulate root growth and help the lawn grow thicker

How much does HydroSeed cost?
Hydroseeding prices will vary depending on the size of the job and water availability. Hydroseeding jobs are commonly priced by the Square footage of area to be seeded and can range from 6 cents/sq. ft to 15 cents/sq. ft. Contact us for a free quote.

What type of grass seed is used in HydroSeeding?
Most any type of grass seed can be used in Hydroseeding, factors such as climate conditions will be the determining factor as to which grass type is recommended. Northwest lawns are typically made up of Rye and Fescue.

Why is the green color gone from my HydroSeeded lawn?
The green dye that was present during the initial application will fade and disappear in as few as 2 days in some cases and in other instances it may last weeks. The colorant has no bearing on the quality of the hydroseed or the impression that the hydroseeded lawn has washed away.

How much should I water my HydroSeeded lawn?
Initially water is essential to the development of a strong root system in your hydroseeded lawn. Wait at least 12 hrs before you water your newly hydroseeded lawn, the tackifier which holds the mulch together needs time to cure. Newly hydroseeded lawns should be watered as much as 2-3 times a day. Special care should be taken to ensure that the lawn is NOT saturated during watering and puddles DO NOT form on the lawn. An irrigation system or handheld garden hose is often the best method of watering your lawn. The goal is to have a consistently moist area for the best germination results.

When should I fertilize my HydroSeeded lawn?
This will often vary depending on the type of grass seed used, condition of the soil and recommended fertilizer types for your climate. A common practice is to apply a nitrogen rich fertilizer soon after the first mowing has been done. Weeks 4-6 are common fertilizing times. When in doubt, an Expert should be consulted as improper fertilization could cause severe damage to your lawn.

Can I walk on the HydroSeed once it is applied?
Only as much as is absolutely necessary. Heavy traffic on a newly seeded lawn can permanently damage the new grass. Walking on a freshly hydroseeded lawn can leave depressions in the lawn and in some cases cause bare spots to form.

How soon will I have grass?
Often times hydroseeded lawns will begin to germinate is as little as 7-14 days. Most grass types will take between 3-4 weeks to fill in and depending on how often the lawn is watered, and the type of grass seed used, it can take up to as much as 8 weeks to see strong growth. Don't forget to fertilize after 4 weeks.

When should I first mow my HydroSeeded lawn?
As a general rule of thumb the first mowing is recommended once the lawn reaches 3 inches in height. The 1/3rd rule is a good guideline, You should never remove more than 1/3rd of the grass blade at one time.

Do I need any special equipment to mow my HydroSeeded lawn?
No. The most important item you can have when mowing your new lawn is a very sharp mower blade. Try to avoid sharp turns when mowing a fresh lawn so as to avoid tearing the grass out with your tires.

Is HydroSeeding guaranteed?
Northwest Bulldozing & ydroseeding guarantee's their work. If your Hydroseeded lawn does not establish properly, for up to one year, because of product or workmanship, those portions of the lawn that are not growing will be re-seeded,at NO COST!Be sure to water, fertilize and maintain your new lawn as directed on our website. If your lawn is not watered, fertilized and maintained as directed, the Warranty is void.The Warranty does not cover a lawn that has not been properly prepared ,that is washed out because of heavy rain fall, lacking proper growth because of lack of fertilizing, or burned because of over fertilizing, using the wrong fertilizer or the improper use of chemicals to kill weeds.

Is HydroSeeding better than sod?
Creating a luscious, green lawn is the desire of every homeowner. When faced with a barren patch of dirt, it can be hard to imagine creating a lawn you can enjoy for years to come. Let Northwest Bulldozing & Hydroseeding assist you in the creation of a beautiful lawn in a short time.
Hydroseeding requires less labor than sod. Many homeowners consider sod to be the quickest way to create a perfect lawn. However, laying sod is a long, hard process involving hours of hard labor and takes daily watering. In addition to the physical aspects of sod, long-term success of sod is not a guarantee. Sod may allow you to create a green lawn in one day, but many times the sod does not take, especially around the edges. This
results in a lawn that looks like it was pieced together, complete with lines and dead spaces. Sod can also be prohibitively expensive.
Hydroseeding is less expensive than sod. Hydroseeding is 75% cheaper than sod if self–installed, and even greater savings when you have sod installed for you. As an added bonus, hydroseeding does not require any hard physical labor for you. The hydroseed mixture is sprayed onto bare ground and when it is kept damp and warm, hydroseed mixtures encourage growth and germination in much less time than hand-seeding a lawn. With the warm summer weather of western Washington, hydroseeding generally creates a brilliant green lawn that will be ready to be mowed in 3 to 4 weeks. Hydroseeding is an economical alternative to sod and traditional seeding. It costs less, is just as effective, and results in a lawn that you can be proud of for years to come.

When you find yourself in need of a new lawn, consider hydroseeding instead of sod or seeding the lawn yourself. You will save time, labor, and money by allowing Northwest bulldozing & Hydroseeding to assist you in creating a lawn that is
grown from seed in the variety you want. We will be happy to answer your questions about hydroseeding, fertilizing, and all of the services we provide. Give us a call and we guarantee you will be satisfied with your new landscape in no time!


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